An Introduction to Crafting our Future

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – Alan Kay

Creating a believable future relies on having a clear view of the present and the past. Often, the best science fiction worlds base themselves on the past, and they capture the essence of human progress and spirit better than any other because they see what has driven us in the past and what drives us on today.

Many future worlds, however, only look at the present and popular for reference and are so limited in scope that they are outdated after only a decade or two. The reader often feels detached from these worlds even if the characters are deep and the story rich.

Creating the future requires more than just researching the latest technology or scientific advances. The world doesn’t move in just one direction and if you fail to capture this it will seem that your world and the real world are moving in entirely different directions.

Defining the Future

For many Sci-Fi writers, researching the past and how society grows is difficult and time-consuming work. So many things have to be considered and it is hard to know where to start or what you are missing.

I will make this easier by exploring areas of science and technology you didn’t know existed, and truly looking for the most influential advances for the future. Every week you will find detailed posts on many subjects:

  • Coverage of the latest science and technology and how it can affect the future.
  • In-depth looks at works of sci-fi (books, movies, games, comics, etc.) that have explored the future.
  • Highlights and interviews with important people who have contributed to understanding the future.
  • “What if?” scenarios that explore how different technologies could shape the future in great detail.
  • Overviews of several important topics needed to understand where technology and science is today.
  • Detailed step-by-steps to walk you through the harder parts of creating a future world.
The key to understanding is asking questions

All great sci-fi authors started with a question, or questions, and used the process of finding the answer to craft their book and/or world.

  • What if the chaos of history could be reduced down to predictable patterns just like any other mathematical concept? (Foundation series)
  • What is the true purpose of government oppression and control? (The Dead Past)
  • Is our view of the universe merely a construct of our experiences? (Story of Your Life)
When creating a world that people can relate to and is truly authentic you have to start by asking questions you don’t know the answer to yet.

So, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them. Post a comment on this or any other blog post or send me an email. I might not have the answers immediately, but I will find them.


I am a former navy technician, but my true passion is for writing and science/technology. I love to research everything from: - Early civilizations and how they formed - Military and Political structure of Medieval Europe and Asia - War strategy and Military structure of the 19th-21st centuries - and, lately, Science and Technology and how they affect the future My love for learning new things has led to starting a blog called Crafting our Future where I talk about science and technology and how they affect the future (deja vu?).

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