Changing Direction to Better Reflect My Goals

In order to better reflect my goals as a writer, I need to make a change to the format of this blog. Originally I envisioned this blog as looking into how technology and science will affect the future, but the more I brainstormed how these two interacted with the rest of society, the more I realized that covering just this one facet of our growth would fail to reflect how the future is formed. To truly cover how our future is being formed today, I will expand my blog to cover all aspects of society and how they all interact.

Thank you to all of my current followers, please leave any suggestions here or present any ideas you have!


I am a former navy technician, but my true passion is for writing and science/technology. I love to research everything from: - Early civilizations and how they formed - Military and Political structure of Medieval Europe and Asia - War strategy and Military structure of the 19th-21st centuries - and, lately, Science and Technology and how they affect the future My love for learning new things has led to starting a blog called Crafting our Future where I talk about science and technology and how they affect the future (deja vu?).

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4 comments on “Changing Direction to Better Reflect My Goals
  1. InMyHead says:

    Check out The Culture Monk… A WordPress blog by Kenneth Justice. He touches on social issues…very interesting blog!


  2. linda says:

    aliens now?……..(:


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