Crafting our Future is a blog about taking a look at where we stand now and how it will lead to our future.

“Study the past if you would define the future.”  Confucius

As we continue to progress as a species, we tend to look more and more toward the future, wondering what fascinating new technologies we will discover or how society will change.  As writers, we are obsessed with figuring out exactly how the future will be, and the thing is that the only way to predict the future is to create it ourselves.  Creating the future is not an easy task, though, as any science fiction writer will tell you.  Without the right knowledge, its like trying to build a house without first laying down a foundation.

Crafting Our Future will show you how to create a picture of the present and use this to develop a truly comprehensive future.

Why am I doing this?

I created Crafting our Future because too often I see a news article or blog post about some new technology, but the only thing written about the future is “blah is the key to the future of blah industry!” or vaguely states that something will define the future.  The future is spoken about as if it is some vague cloud in the distance, a passing curiosity.  This blog seeks to change that, to open your mind to the true possibilities that the future holds.

What this blog offers that no one else does

My goal is to provide detailed insights into many of the critical systems that permeate throughout society, and truly explore how they will shape our future.  You will learn how each aspect of our society reflects and is influenced by each other, using real world examples and truly detailed explorations of these aspects.  Finally, you will learn how to take this information and use it to craft your own future.

About Me

For myself there isn’t much to tell, I love writing, world building, drawing, and even animating.  I like to think that I simply love creating.  I also love thinking about the future.  Every time I read about a new technology being created, or hear that a critical advance has been made in a field of science, I get extremely excited.

I need to know what the future is!

I cant go five pages in the Foundation series or one of Ted Chiang’s short stories without thinking of a dozen new ways society will advance in the future.  Part of the reason I started this blog is so that I could stop seeing this as just a passing interest and truly dedicate a good amount of my time to actually answering this unanswerable question of: what the future will be like?

I hope to find many people who share a passion for this like me and to really help you guys and work together with you in answering this question and the thousands of questions it presents.

Contact Me!

If you have a passion for Science Fiction, Futurism, or just want to know more about the future of science and technology, please subscribe and make yourself known!  Send me an email, comment on my posts, hit me up on my Facebook page or Twitter.  I want to hear from you and hear your questions and ideas or just chat a bit about something we have a passion for.


or you can email me and request my skype and we could chat. I would also be glad to help you with your story world, my skills in researching pass through more than just sci-fi, and I have done a LOT of research into the past as well.


Have a question or concern or just want to join the conversation? Leave a reply!

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