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Freelance Article Writer and Blog Content Writer

Are you looking for someone that can create interesting and informative articles that explore deeper than just the news?

I explore the questions often left unanswered, researching subjects from all angles to find what no one else has reported.  This skill is what allows me to create articles that present truly interesting ideas and perspectives.  When I write an article, I don’t just write about something new or topical, I take the reader deeper into the subject and expose them to the greater implications it presents.

In this blog you will find these skills utilized to explore what is important today and how it will impact the future, and if you pay attention you will notice that each of the posts utilize a great deal of research to find new perspectives on events and topics.  Whether on my blog reporting to my readers about the future, or in a magazine covering the latest news of a current event, or discussing market developments for an established company trying to create it’s voice online, my attention to detail and extensive researching create articles that tackle the everyday in a new light to inform and engage readers.

I offer my services in a variety of areas:

  • Article WritingI use extensive researching and revising to craft articles that are extremely relevant and informative, whether for a magazine or a blog.  
  • GhostwritingMy skills as an article writer are also powerful tools for creating content that is authoritative and complete, showing to readers that you can provide solutions to their problems, by first answering their questions.  
  • ResearchIf you are writing on a subject already, I can also offer my services as a researcher.  By exploring subjects in great depth, filtering thousands of articles, scholarly journals, demographics, and data, I can take over the arduous and exhausting legwork of researching a subject.  After researching the subject, I will create a report that explores the subject in an easy to read format that lets you understand difficult concepts and hidden information easily.  You will also retain my services on the subject for as long as you need after the report is created, to explain it further and ensure you can make the most of the information.
Ready to start working together?

To make sure I respond to you as quickly as possible, send me an email at craftingourfuture@gmail.com and include your full name, contact information, and the service you are interested in.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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